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We are helping entrepreneurs reinvent their lives with better health, a better mind, and a bad-ass business.  

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After surveying 20+ companies from 2000 employees to 2 employees, she found that all of the problems are the same but the magnitude is different.  Join her while she goes through the steps to get you and your team working together and playing to win


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Become a profitable, bad ass company with an achievable 3 year plan. Learn and conquer what's holding your business back.   

As entrepreneurs, it's important to consider how our business can serve humanity, serve us, and our desired freedoms opposed to how we can serve the business. This simple shift allows you to make better decisions about your business which ultimately impacts your life. The opportunities are endless as an entrepreneur. The key is to have strategy and tools to set ourselves up for success.

Join us at the Leadership Blueprint to learn all the strategies and tools, so you can redefine what it looks like to run your business.


So, what do we do?

We take an integrative approach to aligning all of the systems in your business.  We find the root cause of some of the organizational issues to then align your people, fine-tune your vision, then bring it to life. 

Evaluate the Foundation

Dig deep, and ask better questions to find the cracks and fix them.

Align & Design the Team

Map out how to get the right people in the right seats doing things right.

Streamline Communication

Create a seamless communication system that aligns the team.

Craft the Strategy

Map out a bold strategy and financial metrics for the next 3-Years that allow us to be unique in the market.

Bring the Strategy to Life

Create a cohesive playbook that involves the whole team. Get everyone on the field playing together and playing to win.

Get Shit Done + Make $$

Bring the strategy to life with bold new systems with a better culture, all while increasing cash and profits.

This is all to free the company from wasted time, wasted energy, & wasted resources


Alignment is everything.  If you can align the strategy, align the team on the strategy, and get the whole team on the field playing to win this is where the magic happens.  This is how we put time back into the day, give energy back to our team, and put more money in our pockets. 

And, how do we do it?

It starts with You, the Founder, and your people.  You are only as strong as your team.

The Visionary - The CEO

Your business starts with you.  We pull the overworked CEO out of burnout.  We realign the vision, map the strategy, and get the team onboard to execute.  All to FREE the CEO to be the visionary of the company.

The Leadership

CEO and the leadership team to take a deep dive into "Gutting Out" their 3 year plan. This gets chunked down to Quarterly Priorities for you and the team to hit the ground running. We break down the 4 most important areas of business: Strategy, Execution, People, and Cash.

An Aligned Team Playing to Win

We start with aligning the team, setting parameters for better communication, and then crafting a bold strategy for the year.  We also align the behaviors of the team to prevent team dynamic dysfunction. 


Lastly, what techniques do we use?

We have combined our unique skillset from years of training in Human Behavior, the Scaling Up technique, the methods of Metronomics, and working with chronic illness patients using Integrative Medicine.  In addition to being serial entrepreneurs for 12 years. 


Hey, we're Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole.


We're committed to giving entrepreneurs their lives back while allowing them to grow a healthy business.

We gave up the security of working for other doctors just eight months out of school. Fast forward ten years, we have built one of the most cutting-edge healthcare facilities in the world, Integrative Wellness Group. The obstacles you are facing right now in your business, your life, your health- we’ve been there. 

When we started our company, Integrative Wellness Group, things didn't start in the desperate CEO zone.  We were young entrepreneur with passion, perseverance, and a strong mission to positively impact humanity.  We discovered a problem in the world that had a unique and powerful solution, we funded our own business, we had a great growth opportunity, and we hit the ground running.  

While we had all of the energy, enthusiasm, and drive, we had no idea how to grow the business UP as we grew revenue and the team.  We started putting in extremely long hours, grinding it out, working harder, like it was a badge of honor.  All of that effort kept us from lots of social events, family gatherings, and even having a family of our own.  We were killing ourselves.

Like many of you, We were looking for a solution, a proven framework that could get us out of the mess.  We read the books of the most respected and renowned business thought leaders.  We attended workshops and conferences.  We hired business coaches in our industry, outside of our industry, with all different types of expertise.  We read so many books taking in an absurd amount of data and information hoping for some kind of repeatable system that we could implement to achieve our big goals. 

And we couldn't find it.  There was no system. 

And then we found Metronomics. 

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"I wanted to be the Starbucks of healthcare and then I got clear on my values with IGI. I realized I truly wanted to make an impact in healthcare but my overall vision was not global. I was chasing the wrong goal which caused me to be dissatisfied, overwhelmed, and burnt out."

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