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From Desperate Business Owners to Empowered Entrepreneurs


When we started our company, Integrative Wellness Group, things didn't start in the desperate CEO zone.  We were young entrepreneurs with passion, perseverance, and a strong mission to positively impact humanity.  We discovered a problem in the world that had a unique and powerful solution, we funded our own business, we had a great growth opportunity, and we hit the ground running.  


While we had all of the energy, enthusiasm, and drive, we had no idea how to grow the business up as we grew revenue and team.  We started putting in extremely long hours, grinding it out, and working harder, like it was a badge of honor.  All of that effort kept us from lots of social events, family gatherings, and even having a family of our own.  We were killing ourselves.  


Like many of you, we were looking for a solution, a proven framework that could get us out of mess.  We read the books of the most respected and renowned business thought leaders.  We attended workshops and conferences.  We hired business coaches in our industry, outside of our industry, with all different types of expertise.  We read so many books taking in an absurd amount of data and information hoping for some kind of repeatable system that we could implement to achieve our big goals. 


And we couldn't find a system.  Then we found Scaling Up by Verne Harnish.  Which led to finding Metronomics by Shannon Susko.


All the while, Dr. Nick reframed his human behavior work from working with patients to helping busy, burnt-out entrepreneurs using the Demartini Method 

We want people to love their life while loving their business. We believe in better humans, better health, and better profits.

Curious about Metronomics?

You might be thinking, but what is metronomics?  We get it, this is a flipbook to give you a sneak peek into some of the exercises that we work through to produce a 3-year Highly Achievable Goal hence the name 3HAG.

"It's not about what you do, it's about how you do it."


Dr. Nicole is a self-made entrepreneur, integrative medicine doctor, Scaling Up coach, keynote speaker, CEO of a fast-growing healthcare company, and founder of the Integrative Growth Institute.  She has mastered neurolinguistic programming, human behavior, and consulting through 10 years of working with chronically ill people from all over the world.  As a practicing doctor, Dr. Nicole strived to find the root cause of people's symptoms and create a clear and personalized roadmap to healing. She realized that the same principles apply to business. She and Dr. Nick have mastered the ability to diagnose the root issues in your business while creating a roadmap to solve those issues while helping the company grow and scale.

"The quality of your questions dictates the quality of your life."


Dr. Nick is a self-made entrepreneur, integrative medicine doctor, human behavior expert, and master of finding people's blind spots and helping them rewrite their story. He is married to Dr. Nicole and says, "Marrying a jersey girl has taught me more about human behavior than I could ever learn in a classroom." He has dedicated his life and career to finding out what people tick but also what holds them back. He has worked with chronically ill patients suffering from PTSD, grief, anxiety, and mental illness to entrepreneurs and executives that want to clear their baggage to grow and scale their business. He helps people to get clear on their personal values and how that connects to their life purpose and their business mission. Dr. Nick has seen how business life and personal life often collide when there is frustration, flawed company culture, feelings of lack of relevance, and burnout. His passion lies in helping people to get out of a toxic relationship with themselves and their business so they can have a life they truly love.

Our Why

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs love their lives while loving their business.
We believe in better humans, better health, and better profits.

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