About Us

About Us

We are integrative doctors, business strategists, human behavior coaches, and above all entrepreneurs.

We are integrative doctors, business strategists, human behavior coaches, 
and above all entrepreneurs.

Our Story

Over 10 years we participated in countless coaching programs, workshops, and masterclasses.  At every event, entrepreneurs would share the struggles that were destroying their business, their well-being, their relationships, and ultimately their life. Most business owners put their health on hold to get ahead in their careers. They had stories on replay that were limiting their ability to see clearly. In addition, they lacked key foundational tools to help them grow and scale.

Unfortunately, 5 years into business we became those people. This didn't happen due to a lack of passion, knowledge, or work ethic, but everything to do with a broken business model.  We had poor organizational health, we had no time, and no PROVEN tools to grow and scale. 

After the ultimate burnout, we dove headfirst into Scaling Up by Verne Harnish and started to embrace the Rockefeller Habits and Patrick Lencioni's model for organizational health. Dr. Nick reframed his human behavior work to help busy, burnt-out entrepreneurs using the Demartini Method while creating an integrative healthcare model for entrepreneurs.

We want people to love their life while loving their business. We believe in better humans, better health, better profits.



Meet the Founders

"It's not about what you do, it's about how you do it." -Dr. Nicole Rivera

Dr. Nicole is a self-made entrepreneur, integrative medicine doctor, Scaling Up coach, keynote speaker, CEO of a fast-growing healthcare company, and founder of the Integrative Growth Institute.  She has mastered neurolinguistic programming, human behavior, and consulting through 10 years of working with chronically ill people from all over the world.  As a practicing doctor, Dr. Nicole strived to find the root cause of people's symptoms and create a clear and personalized roadmap to healing. She realized that the same principles apply to business. She and Dr. Nick have mastered the ability to diagnose the root issues in your business while creating a roadmap to solve those issues while helping the company grow and scale.

"The quality of your questions dictates the quality of your life." - Dr. Nick Carruthers

Dr. Nick is a self-made entrepreneur, integrative medicine doctor, human behavior expert, and master of finding people's blind spots and helping them rewrite their story. He is married to Dr. Nicole and says, "Marrying a jersey girl has taught me more about human behavior than I could ever learn in a classroom." He has dedicated his life and career to finding out what people tick but also what holds them back. He has worked with chronically ill patients suffering from PTSD, grief, anxiety, and mental illness to entrepreneurs and executives that want to clear their baggage to grow and scale their business. He helps people to get clear on their personal values and how that connects to their life purpose and their business mission. Dr. Nick has seen how business life and personal life often collide when there is frustration, flawed company culture, feelings of lack of relevance, and burnout. His passion lies in helping people to get out of a toxic relationship with themselves and their business so they can have a life they truly love.

Our Why

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs love their lives while loving their business.
We believe in better humans, better health, and better profits.

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Meet Your A-Team

Our team is committed to uncovering the root cause of your business obstacles, removing your blind spots, and providing proven solutions that yield results. We become a partner in your business and a mentor in your life.

Marisa Potts, COO + Coach

Marisa is an operations guru, optimization expert, and master of team dynamics. After a decade in luxury sales, Marisa transitioned to Integrative Wellness Group where she has since been a driving force in the business' multimillion dollar growth. She now brings her expertise of effectively balancing all aspects of client experience, employee development, workforce optimization, sales strategy, and leadership development to her role as a Coach at the Institute. Marisa works with leaders and business owners to create powerful cultures and produce breakthrough results.

Learn from the people living and breathing it.

We aren't just coaches. Our team of experts work in their zone of genius day in and day out to bring our members cutting edge strategies rooted in real time experience.

Melissa Rivera

Coach, Operations + Automation

Juliana Looman

Coach, Employee Success

Kelly Meyerhoff

Marketing Strategist


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