Stop the Chaos & Set Your Company Up for Growth + Financial Success.

Get clarity on the next 3 years for you [the founder] & your team... because we can't do it alone.

Join us January 9th-10th, 2023 at our Leadership Blueprint Event hosted in Charleston, SC.

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The Leadership Blueprint


[Formerly known as the CEO Blueprint]

You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Business?

You'll walk away from this event with all the tools you need to produce the growth and revenue you envision for your business. You’ll learn how to:

  • Align your team
  • Stop chaos in the workplace
  • Create guarantees for a long-term customer 
  • Clarify your vision & confirm your team is on board 
  • Build a strong leadership team so not all aspects of business fall back on you
  • Get clear on exactly where your company is going in the next 3 years
  • Create a bold execution plan that everybody is excited to be held accountable for

With a simple shift in your mindset and a clear roadmap, you can transform your existing business, launch a new one, or redefine your path

What's Included In The Blueprint...


Do you have the right people in the right seats?

A strong team is one of the foundational pieces to carrying out your company's vision. In part 1, we get honest by guiding you in answering the following:

  • Is your team aligned on the vision and strategy of your company?
  • Is your team working together to bring that vision to life?
  • Is your team communicating effectively to uphold a dynamic culture?

Getting clear on the goals and objectives for the next year

With your team in good shape, the next step is to build out your goals and set your company up for success by:

  • Creating a scoreboard so your entire team knows if you're winning.
  • Having very clear achievable metrics that bring your company's vision to life.

Breaking down those objectives into quarterly priorities 

How do you get it all done? The secret to achieving your company's goals is revealed in part 3 by:

  • Taking the large vision and breaking that down quarter by quarter for an easy to implement strategy.
  • Creating realistic goals for the team that push your company towards your vision of success.

Making your business stand out in the industry

We all want to stand out. In the last part of the Leadership Blueprint, create a strategy to:

  • Compete to be unique in your industry, rather than compete to be the best.
  • Analyze your offerings, marketing, and customer experience in order to stand out. 

In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Introduce new revenue streams
  • Reinvent your systems to get your time back
  • Align your team to start producing more revenue with less effort 
  • Have a week by week strategy for how to grow and scale your company
  • Have a scoreboard that allows you and your team to know if you are winning at business
  • Have a team that is playing to win

The right business moves can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in the Leadership Blueprint.

Watch our Leadership Blueprint Q&A to learn exactly what this event is about.  

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This Event Is For You If...

  • You want to be a great CEO and/or business owner, NOT an employee to the business you created 
  • You want to have a profitable business instead of the poverty prison you put yourself in by sacrificing yourself for your company
  • You want to grow, scale, & sell while getting your time back
  • You want to create a roadmap to help grow and scale your company in order to serve more people in YOUR way
  • You want to create amazing leadership in your company, starting with you
  • You want a heart-centered company of grateful clients so it feels good doing business

We're Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole

After finding Scaling Up and Metronomics, our business and lives completely transformed. We were finally able to grow our business but most importantly get our lives back.

Now, it's our mission is to share Metronomics with other healthcare professionals so they can overcome burnout & overwhelm and get reinspired to grow their company in a healthy way!


Dr. Nicole is a certified Scaling Up and Metronomics coach. Dr. Nick is a facilitator of the Demartini Method and a Human Behavior Specialist.

"What we do is serious - but they keep it fun. Personality wise, we just click. Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole are so relatable. They keep us level-headed. I think in business you can really stress yourself out and they bring us back down to earth and keep us grounded and focused on the goal."

- Nate G.

"A lot of coaching companies out there are so cookie cutter. We were looking for that 1-on-1 accountability. It was really refreshing to have a coaching program tailored to us and our business. Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole take the time to ask you the right questions to get your business where you want it to be."

- Susan S. & Mark S.

"I never realized how important it is to align your core values and mission with every business action taken. Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole hold me accountable for making aligned decisions. It has completely changed how I run my business."

- Bill K.

The Leadership Blueprint: 2-Day Live Event

The Live Event


Dates: January 9th-10th, 2023 in Charleston, SC

This is for a growth-minded CEO that wants to align the leadership team and map a growth strategy.  This is for any size company.


On Day 1, this event brings together the CEO and the leadership team to:

  • Map the vivid vision of the company
  • Craft a bold strategy for the year
  • Create an effective execution plan to bring the strategy to life
  • Align the team to get more done
  • Set parameters for better communication  
  • Create the One Page Strategic Plan for a successful year of growth
  • We conclude with a Networking Cocktail Hour

Day 2 introduces masterminding and wellness

  • Enjoy wellness breakout sessions with the latest biohacking technology like ampcoil, red light, detox foot baths, and more
  • Mastermind with growth minded entrepreneurs to catapult your business

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