Learn from the top mystery Illness Doctors that radically changed the lives of thousands.


What is an Integrative Medicine Membership?

(Here's a hint, If you are looking to learn about outdated ideas like, leaky gut.  YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE.)

This Integrative Medicine Course membership is an interactive video-based clinical training program & community for practitioners who want to execute at their highest level. Join to gain access to a growing body of real, raw, and disruptive content designed to transform our healthcare model and turn your practice into a force for good that fuels higher profits and your higher purpose.


What's Included?

Practitioners, your clinical knowledge is the key to your patient's health freedom.

Learn from the experts that grew one of the largest Integrative Medicine practices on the East Coast.


Immediate Access

Dr. Nicole Breaking Down a Member's Complex Case

Limitless Practitioner Members have the opportunity to seek clinical support from Dr. Nicole with their current complex cases. Check out this deep dive Dr. Nicole provided from a hair sample for a current member. 

Watch The Full Case Review

What's included in my Membership?

Step into practice with a newfound clinical confidence that improves your patient’s results and grows your business.

The Clinical Mastery core course materials are immediately available online within your private, member-only portal, and include:

  • Over 50 hours of transformational, step-by-step video training Modules by 2 doctors that are relentless in evolving healthcare. 
  • A continuous release of new clinical content which grows by the questions asked by our members.  The doctors will record up to 5 new modules per week based on the needs of our members.  
  • The release of live research done by Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole on the changes in genetic expression after meditation, emotional work, and integrative therapies  
  • Handy digital workbooks to work on the exercises covered in the modules.
  • Fun Sheets to practice and sharpen your new skills.
  • Templates that allow you to bring the work to life. 

You also get a community of growth-minded practitioners that are boldly scaling their practices and changing lives. Which includes:

  • Submissions of real case studies from our members where Dr. Nick and Nicole perform DNA testing and quantum testing to guide the clinal evolution of the member. 
  • Monthly live events covering clinical topics, business topics, and to troubleshoot complex cases. 
  • Quarterly live events where the curriculum is designed by our members. We cover the most needed topics in integrative medicine with interactive workshops. 
Get Immediate Access

Is Clinical Mastery right for me?

Bottom line, If you’re not already the most disruptive practitioner powerhouse you can possibly be, then this membership will transform your practice.

Our members are here because they crave a true balance in health, family, business, and purpose. 

 Our ideal members have one thing in common; You're the kind of practitioner that leaves no stone unturned and will do what it takes to give your patients the very best in your care.

You desire balance and freedom

You want to create freedom in your life and build a fulfilling practice with your ideal patient, without sacrificing your own health. If you’re eager to be a part of a community of practitioners who lift and support each other.

You have a relentless passion to grow

You understand your patient’s healthcare is sacred and the importance of the proper support, mentorship and knowledge is critical in your role. If one of your personal goals is to become a better practitioner for your personal confidence and your patient’s outcomes,

You are building a successful practice

You want to become limitless in your career. You don't believe in the "either or construct; either success or balance. But you want a mentor in your corner with a wealth of tools that will give you clinical confidence and business accumen.


Who teaches Clinical Mastery?

Dr. Nicole is in the business of building disruptive healthcare powerhouses. After 12 years of growing one of the largest Integrative Medicine Practices on the East Coast, Dr. Nicole and her team are helping healthcare practitioners to redefine success and leave behind sacrifice.  She is also one hell of an integrative medicine doctor, having successfully transformed the lives of thousands with complex, mystery illnesses worldwide. Pulling it all together, she founded Integrative You, a fast-growing company with an integrative approach to profoundly disrupting a lasting change in health and freedom for personal, family, and business organizations.


How much does the Clinical Membership Cost? 

The investment for the Integrative Medicine Clinical Mastery Membership is a monthly subscription of $497 USD. We also offer a few bundle discounts depending on your needs  and a scholarship program every year.


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 Are you ready to boldly scale your practice without sacrificing your beautiful life?

Self Paced Course + Live Community



  • Continuously expanding body of  business curriculum
  • All printable & digital workbooks
  • Clinical Mastery Community 
  • 2xmonth Dr Nicole's Live Q&A on the  execution of this work

The Clinical & Business Mastery Courses + Live Community



  • Integrative Medicine Clinical Master Course
  • Habits over Hustle Course
  • Printable & Digital Workbooks
  • Case reviews by Dr. Nicole on your current complex patients
  • 2x month Dr. Nicole's Live Q&A
  • Affiliated software and product discounts
  • Practitioner Bonus Modules 

Course + 1:1 Business Audit



  • Everything included in Clinical Mastery
  • Plus 1:1 Integrative Business Audit with Dr. Nicole
  • Deep Dive into your Business Cash, Strategy, Execution, Leadership, and Marketing.
  • Access to Business Mastery Community

For the Skeptics

Skepticism is healthy, but we stand behind our offer.

If you have additional questions please feel free to text us at πŸ“² 732-913-0009



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