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Chaos in the household? 

Establish your Family Values so you can get on the same page with your spouse and create a better communication dynamic with your kids. 

If you're a single parent and want to establish your family values, navigate back to our masterclass page to purchase our Single Parent Family Bundle. 

Determine Your Values Masterclass

Determine your Values Masterclass - Allow yourself to Be Bold, Be You, & Fuck the Rest in 2023.

Join us February 21st, 2023 at 1pm EST.

Are you ready to?

  • Stop saying Yes to things you don't want to do
  • Stop being triggered by your spouse, your co-workers, your kids, your friends, and everyone else
  • Get clarity on your life plan so you stop feeling so damn stuck 
  • Stop letting people make you feel guilty or sad about your decision
  • Stop feeling stuck in draining relationships
  • Remove toxic BS from your life that makes you depressed and anxious
  • Stop doing energy-draining and soul-sucking activities

What is included?

Part 1: Understanding what values are and how they impact your life on a daily basis.

  • How they impact your decisions
  • How they impact your relationships
  • How they impact your parenting
  • How they impact your marriage 
  • How they impact your career
  • And everything in between

Part 2:  Understanding how injected [other people pushing their values on you] values are the cause of your triggers

  • How they keep you trapped, playing small
  • How they rip you of confidence
  • How they make you feel inadequate
  • How they guilt you into putting other people before you and your family
  • How they make you feel guilt and shame around your decisions
  • How they are the driver of depression and anxiety

Part 3: How leveraging your values can create a better life 

  • How to use values as your compass to help you make quality decisions about your relationships, your career, and everything in between

Part 4: A guided interactive workshop to decipher your personal values

What People Are Saying:

Values Determination and the Demartini Method helped me to release the anger and guilt associated with what did or did not happen and the "why me" feeling. I now know at the end of the day every negative emotion can create balance in my life.


I have never examined what is most important to me before. I have a better picture of who I am and why I do the things I do after completing Values Determination.


It was very enlightening and different than anything else I’ve ever tried in that it taught me how to train myself to see things differently.