Growth Looks Good on You

Whether you need to transform your existing business, launch a new one, or redefine your path—we help you define what’s important and map a clear plan for how to get there. 


No Fluff. No BS. Just Results.

It's not about what you do, it's about how you do it. We break the rules of conformity and shake the status quo by the shoulders. This is an integrative approach to your business. If you're looking for rah-rah, don't look here. We don't give you what you want, we tell you what you need and coach you through the process.

Hire Us For 2-Days

For Medium to Large Fast Growth Teams

This program is for a company that has a CEO and at least one person in a leadership position.

The Leadership Blueprint

A Private 2-Day Event for the CEO + the Leadership Team. Virtual and Live Options

Dates: Custom to your Company

This is a 2-Day Intensive Private event for the CEO and an established Leadership Team of 2 or more. 

  • Reviewing your Organization Chart 
  • Looking at how money flows through your company 
  • Crafting your Core Customer 
  • Master selling your core customer 
  • Analyze the market and how you can be the most unique in the market 
  • Determine untapped opportunities to stand out in the industry
  • A deep dive into "Gutting Out" the 3-year plan.
  • Chunking down the 3-Year Plan to Quarterly Priorities 
  • Creating a clear roadmap of individual priorities and team priorities.
  • Creating an accountability system that yields results
  • Mapping a better communication system
  • We break down the 4 most important areas of business: Strategy, Execution, People, and Cash.
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Hire Us For The Year

For Medium to Large Fast Growth Teams

This program is for a company that has a CEO and at least one person in a leadership position.

Annual Foundation Coaching

Custom Pricing

This is continual coaching after the 2-Day Leadership Blueprint to refine the 3-year plan

  • Continue to refine everything covered in the Leadership Blueprint
  • A Private 1-Day Intensive with the CEO and Leadership Team [CEO Blueprint]
  • 1-4 Monthly coaching sessions with the CEO - frequency determined by the coach
  • Monthly coaching with the leadership team
  • Facilitation of Meeting Rhythms for the team
  • Private 2-Day Annual Planning + Strategy Day
  • Quarterly Full-Day Intensives on Strategy and Execution 
  • Specialized offers based on the diagnostics completed by the coach: sales training for the team, systems audit, cash-flow analysis, etc. 
  • Direct chat access to your coach

This program is all-inclusive.

Application Necessary.

Complete the Application and Connect with our Lead Coach

Hire us for the Quarter

For Growth Minded Small Teams

This program is for a company that has a growth-minded CEO that is looking to grow and scale their company OR looking to start their business on a strong foundation.

Executive Consulting

Quarterly coaching for Small Teams

This program is for smaller companies that are looking to start their company on a strong foundation or begin to grow their company.  

  • Private one-on-one session with your coach. 
  • Assess 4 quadrants of your business to determine how to grow healthily.
  • Introduce new revenue streams to the business
  • Master pricing for your offer.
  • Grow your team of A-Players 
  • Master communication with your team
  • Master sales
  • Improve customer service 
  • Create better systems
  • Create a business that stands out.

This program runs on a quarterly basis and offers private one-on-one coaching sessions 2x per month

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But what is Metronomics?

Take a peak inside the tools that allow you to confidently map out your 3HAG aka your 3 Year Highly Achievable Goal.


Connecting with our team will allow us to determine a best fit program.

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“I was at the end of my rope.  I was officially a desperate CEO that was overworked, burnt out, and exhausted.  I was about to throw in the towel and then I was referred to IGI.  Metronomics pulled me out of my overwhelm, gave me purpose again, reinspired my team, and gave me a life again.  Oh, and we made a bunch of money while doing it. I am forever grateful.”