Growth Looks Good on You

Whether you need to transform your existing business, launch a new one, or redefine your path—we help you define what’s important and map a clear plan for how to get there. 

Our Process

Our Process 

No Fluff. No BS. Just Results.

It's not about what you do, it's about how you do it. We break the rules of conformity and shake the status quo by the shoulders. This is an integrative approach to your business. If you're looking for rah-rah, don't look here. We don't give you what you want, we tell you what you need and coach you through the process.

“I thought my business was failing and then I realized it was me who was failing. I had the same cycles showing up in my life that kept me in a victim mindset. I put my head down worked harder, ignored the real issues, and lost my health in the process. The Deep Dive Diagnostic with IGI showcased the real problem in my business which was me! We did the work and collapsed the story which allowed me to grow myself and scale my business.”

 IGI Member

Our Programs

CEO Bootcamp

Hire us for a Day

  • Half-Day with the CEO for business analysis and strategy jumpstart
  • Full-Day Event with the CEO and the Executive Team
  • Mapping out the One Page Strategic Plan for the company
  • Establishing a foundation for growth using Metronomics
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The Flagship

Private Coaching

  • 1-on-1 Business Analysis and Growth Roadmap
  • Complete CEO and Executive Team Assessment
  • CEO Bootcamp
  • 2-Day Kick-Off
  • Annual Planning and Strategy
  • Annual Review & Wrap Up
  • Private monthly calls with CEO
  • Private Full Day Quarterly Sessions
  • Access to Metronomics Software to implement strategy and execution
  • Access to Dr. Nicole and Dr. Nick with private Voxer channel
  • Monthly CEO Personal development sessions
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CEO + Executive Team Roundtable

Small Group Coaching

  • 3-Year program for the CEO and their Executive Team
  • Up to 5 compatible companies in an intimate group setting
  • Access to Metronomics Software to implement strategy and execution
  • Monthly or Quarterly Meetings [depending on speed of growth]
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Not sure which program is right for you? Book a strategy call to experience the Institute.

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